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Within three months, Sirup lab brought Feeligo’s Android app up to par with the iPhone & iPad app.

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Sirup lab, it’s a mutual taste.

It’s in the Silicon Valley, where we all worked for years, that we tasted the pleasure of seeing technology change life for millions.

At Sirup lab, we believe that great mobile applications remain to be built here, in France and Europe. Teams are working on it. We are here for them to share our passion, our experience and help them in this journey.

Product consulting

Do you need to make sure you’re building the right thing?

We will have a deep look at your product, observe every details of its design and its performances. We will then recommend improvements that will optimise its impact and efficiency.

We have track records on major products used and loved by millions.

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Android development

Do you need a high quality mobile Android app?

We will build a native experience that takes full advantage of the platform. We will write a simple and solid code that can evolve over time.

We are senior product team selected by top publishers.

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Product development

Do you need a solid cross-platform service?

We’ve selected strong partners with complementary skills so we can handle the most ambitious projects.

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Note editor

The context: The note editor wasn’t up to date anymore. It needed to be simplified so the user experience could evolve. Moreover, the existing code was too complex.

The solution: Use a mutualized component, already used on Mac, to reduce the development costs. Simplify the user experience and support all possible formatting available on desktop. Collaborate with the teams in Zurich and San Francisco from Lyon. Develop the whole project in continuous integration.

“I’m phenomenally glad that I got the chance to work with Sirup lab. Improving the editor was a major accomplishment for Evernote. It wouldn’t have been possible without their hard work.”

Seth Hitchings - VP Product - Evernote

Sirup lab for Feeligo

The context: Feeligo had a very efficient and polished product on iPhone & iPad. The goal was to offer the same efficiency and robustness on Android in a limited time.

The solution: Conceptualize a similar product taking full advantage of Android’s specificities. End-to-end development of a major update of the app. Realize the whole project within a challenging 3 months timeframe.

“Sirup lab provided an outstanding job. It was the first time we felt a development agency was well worth the money spent!”

Davide Bonapersona - Cofounder - Feeligo

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